Biasi Spares

Biasi Boilers are Highly Efficient Combination and System Boilers and are available in a range of KW's, which makes them suitable for most domestic installations. Their boilers are reliable, compact, affordable and easy to use.
Code: BI1172103
Code: BI1336116
Code: BI1351109
Code: BI1366103
Code: BI1475108
Code: BI1536103
Code: BI1605112
Code: BI1885101
Code: BI1911103
Code: BI2035100
Code: KI1066104
Code: BI1091502
Code: BI1172111
Code: BI1305101
Code: BI1431100
Code: BI2015105
Code: BI1011111
Code: BI1011110
Code: BI1011102
Code: BI1441104
Code: BI1376104
Code: BI1536104
Code: BI1441103
Code: BI1351118